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Total Facility Management

Services Offered By SVDS

SVDS provides Total Facility Management services with the capability and expertise to serve large and complex facilities. We give our clients a competitive edge in network security and compliance with environmental regulations, thanks to our design, development, green IT, and service management innovations.

We provide services that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist our clients in optimizing their investments and reducing costs. We are committed to aiding a range of sectors through our rigorous procedure. We make it a point to understand our clients’ requirements and tailor our solutions to meet them.

Efficient and Value-Oriented

Integration, green IT, infrastructure design and build, automation, consolidation, security, compliance, cloud, and virtualization are areas where our management services excel. We assure the most outstanding levels of efficiency and value for our clients.


By integrating our robust technology management services with high-quality procedures, SVDS constructs and manages complex technology infrastructures that are more dependable and secure. We also react quickly to changing company needs and requirements.


SVDS provides advisory services at every stage of the facility lifecycle management process. We can assist with facility planning, design, and construction, optimizing existing locations and aiding with facility migrations and consolidations.


Our clients benefit from SVDS’ ecologically friendly solutions. Our objective is to guarantee that all of our facility centers are energy efficient, thanks to our leadership position in green IT. We accomplish this through launching new programs and activities.

Better IT Solutions & Service at your Fingertips

We have helped organizations and companies improve business performance and
enhance their competitiveness.