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Contactless - Guest Experience

Our Solutions

Visitors' check-in, in-room, and checkout processes are automated with the aid of our contactless guest experience solutions.

Providing contactless experiences is now prioritized by top companies in the hotel industry. This includes the availability of and encouragement for contactless reservations, payments, check-ins, in-room voice assistants, and feedback.

The hotel industry is changing as safer, and more effective self-service alternatives replace in-person interactions. The Contactless Guest Experience offered by SVDS includes in-app mobile hotel navigation instructions, contactless in-room entertainment, AI-enabled voice assistants, and even concierge robots.

Efficient and Seamless Contactless Guest Experience Solutions

Automating The Hotel Check-In And Check-Out Procedures

Our system was developed in response to the evolving demands of a new generation of travelers, who need a service that efficiently checks them into a hotel room with minimal fuss.

Voice Technology to Engage Visitors

This enables hotels to use technology for contactless room control and guest engagement. Voice commands can be used by guests in their hotel rooms to order services, get suggestions, get more information, find entertainment alternatives, and more.

Giving Hotel Visitors a Customized Experience

This platform aims to raise income per booking, overall operational effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. The check-in and checkout processes may be made easy and seamless for guests by letting them handle everything on their devices.

Digital Concierge Bots For Hotels

Hotels can take visitor inquiries or requests via Concierge Bot and respond to them without needing phone calls or long lineups at the front desk.

Delivering Visitors With Secure, Smooth, And Personalized Hotel Experiences

We provide services that identify and lessen dangerous situations like a thermal runaway. Limiting personnel exposure to batteries also lowers the risk of shock, arc-flash, burns, and chemical hazards.

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