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Solar, Renewable, Green Energy, Innovation Storage Solutions

Our Solutions

We provide renewable energy solutions at the local, state, and national levels.

SVDS has entered the highly sought-after vertical of energy solutions, focusing on offering cost-effective, market-based carbon, energy, and water management solutions while minimizing evident negative environmental consequences. We recognize the need of aligning our services with the current market’s needs and wants. As a result, we have selected a path in which our power solutions and new products are scalable to fulfill the demands of our clients.

Our solutions are performance-driven and tailored to the requirements of both institutional and government clients. These turnkey installations are designed to boost energy efficiency. Furthermore, we focus on permitting the distribution of energy sources that are targeted toward boosting the market growth.

Innovative Energy Rental Solutions

Solar Energy Solutions

Our solar energy solutions have enabled businesses in the region to significantly reduce their commercial power use. Our clients often see a return on their investment in our revolutionary solar energy systems within 3 to 4 years. Aside from routine maintenance and service, users will practically have free solar electricity in the future. We also provide commercial and industrial partners with solar water heating systems that guarantee a return on investment within 12 to 48 months. Our innovative technology may be used with an existing heat pump to create hot water 24/7.

Renewable Energy System

We can supply a variety of renewable energy systems that can power commercial and industrial operations through a grid-connected mechanism. In the event that the flow of energy from renewable sources is disrupted, grid connection serves as a backup provider to cover our clients’ immediate power demands. This removes the requirement for battery devices to be stored.

Aside from the components of renewable energy systems, we are responsible for the extra equipment that guarantees the secure transmission of electricity from various energy sources. This includes:

  • Equipment required to connect your system to the grid
  • Grid-connection specifications
  • Equipment for power conditioning
  • Equipment for safety
  • Instrumentation and meters

Green Energy Solutions

SVDS, as an ecologically concerned organization, has developed a variety of dependable and economical green energy solutions, including energy storage, particularly in areas with unreliable grids or isolated sites.

We have created solutions that may be customized to match the needs of our clients. These technologies can be used in conjunction with existing power generation systems, utility grids, and other infrastructure. From start to completion, we give complete support. Among our services are:

  • Strategic planning
  • Project preparation
  • Installation and use
  • Monitoring and maintenance

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