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Structured Cabling

Our Solutions

We provide complete and integrated structured cabling solutions that connect your organization from data center to desktop.

SVDS creates dependable structured cabling systems. From Copper Structured Cabling to Fiber Structured Cabling, our wires are always intended to surpass expectations. SVDS’s structured cabling delivers long-lasting infrastructure, from high performance to cutting-edge technologies.

Our standards also provide IT network design, installation, operation, and maintenance subsystems. The concept has proven so popular that it is being used in non-IT applications like building automation services, security, and high-definition audio-visual to ensure that end devices may be upgraded or replaced without overhauling the entire cable infrastructure.

Benefits of Our Structured Cabling Solutions

  • Our intelligent management solutions provide unparalleled visibility into the physical layer and efficient asset use.
  • We can handle all connectivity requirements with exceptional bandwidth and speed, from Wi-Fi to N Base-T and multi-gigabit Ethernet.
  • Our high-speed migration platform and ultra-low loss fiber capabilities enable us to go further and connect more people.
  • A tradition of innovation drives our structured cabling services.

Copper and Fiber Cabling Solutions

SVDS Copper and Fiber Cabling Solutions are based on the science of innovation and give performance, flexibility, and dependability. The entire platform of sophisticated Copper and Fiber connectivity, with automated infrastructure management and high-efficiency interfaces, enables you to add additional connections to increasingly congested Data Center areas.

Our solutions are supported by a dependable, responsive worldwide network of manufacturing, logistics, and expertise performance that fulfills your requirements with confidence and clarity.

Copper Structured Cabling

  • Copper Cross-Connects
  • Copper Structured Cabling accessories
  • RJ45 Jacks
  • Copper Panels
  • Twisted Pair Cable Accessories
  • Twisted Pair Cables

Fiber Structured Cabling

  • Fiber Cabinets, Panels, and Enclosures
  • Fiber Cable Assemblies

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