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Maintenance and Services

Services Offered By SVDS

SVDS combines hardware, software, analytics, and ongoing services to ensure that all of your applications function consistently at peak performance, allowing your company to grow. You may ensure the continuity of our company activities by collaborating with us, and you will have a partner who will help you throughout the lifecycle of your critical equipment

SVDS ensures that your equipment gives the optimum performance from product delivery and installation to all types of maintenance services as an approved Service Delivery partner for HPE, HPI, Aruba, and Oracle hospitality.

The Services Offered By SVDS Includes

ICT Preventive Maintenance

Our ICT Preventive Maintenance Services use an unparalleled team of field experts and a large spare parts inventory to ensure that all repairs and replacements are handled quickly and effectively.

Battery Replacement Services

Our Battery Replacement Services include full-string battery replacement, safe installation of new cells, and environmentally friendly recycling of used batteries.

UPS and Thermal Management

We secure your core’s Critical Infrastructure with our UPS and Thermal Management Preventive Maintenance. Our team of skilled Customer Engineers responds quickly and effectively to avoid unplanned shutdowns. By tuning and updating the system depending on its use, our optimal maintenance services extend the life of your infrastructure.

DC Power Preventive Maintenance

Through frequent network infrastructure inspections, our DC Power Preventive Maintenance will assist you in proactively recognizing any emergency repairs. This will increase the uptime of your equipment while also identifying and resolving possible issues before they become a major failure. Our maintenance services also guarantee that vital equipment operates at peak performance and allow you to define a maintenance budget.

Generators Preventive Maintenance

Our Generators Preventive Maintenance Services provide a variety of tested service packages that may be customized to meet the needs of each customer.

Spare Parts & Parts Management

We provide spare parts to help you get through any situation. We ensure that our client’s critical systems, income, and customer confidence are not compromised with our spare parts and spare parts management services.

Industrial Preventive Measures

We offer Industrial Preventive Maintenance Services to help you protect your infrastructure. Our services keep your infrastructure running smoothly to avoid downtime, which may be costly, especially for large-scale and mission-critical activities. Our services will provide you with access to an extensive spare parts inventory and expert advice.

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