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Access Floor Systems

Our Solutions

We offer reliable and flexible raised access floor systems to businesses

SVDS provides high-quality elevated access floor systems. Raised floor systems, often known as access floors, are elevated structural floors that are attached to a solid foundation, such as a concrete slab.

Raised floor systems are made up of panels with a specific covering that is supported by vertical pedestals. The height of these can be controlled by providing a gap that allows different service systems to be accommodated. The space is also suitable for extending electrical wiring and air circulation to data center critical equipment.
Our solutions transform the modern data center environment into a highly flexible area capable of responding fast and readily to the clients, organizational, and technical changes while being cost-effective in both construction and operation.

Features of Our Premium Quality Access Flow Systems

  • Improves cooling by allowing cold air to flow more effectively.
  • Utilizing perforated panels in chilly corridors and enabling cold air to travel through to cool the equipment.
  • Access to the system installations is simple from any point on the elevated floor.
  • Cooling may be easily incorporated using a single or many cooling schemes.
  • Flexibility in implementing the most energy-efficient cooling design choices.
  • Cables may be easily terminated wherever they are needed, providing total flexibility and accessibility.
  • The underfloor distribution space keeps the interior space clean for appropriate air movement in and out of the equipment.
  • Flexibility for future scaling, equipment reconfiguration, or system installation.

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