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Power Stations - Diesel Generators

Our Solutions

We provide soundproof diesel generators with regular backup power.

We are a primary provider of power supplies and services for information technology, manufacturing, and telecommunications applications. SVDS assists enterprises in developing the finest solutions for their unique needs. We provide customized turn-key solutions that make project execution and procurement easier.

SVDS offers Diesel Power Generators that span a wide variety of applications and have a wide range of choices to fulfill the needs of all configurations. Our industrial generating units provide constant, dependable, and safe power supply in remote places where mains energy is unavailable.

Diesel Generators Designed for Industrial Users

Our Diesel Generators may also be tuned for optimal noise levels depending on the surroundings. Our sound-proofed industrial generating sets provide backup power while also providing user comfort in terms of noise pollution, thanks to rigorous adherence to appropriate noise limits.

With capacities ranging from 9 to 4500 kVA, industrial generators offer backup power or a continuous electrical supply. In highly sensitive industries, the solutions ensure the continuity of energy supply in the event of a power loss or other disruption to the main supply.

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