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Power Solutions

Our Solutions

SVDS provides power systems that can be tuned for optimal noise levels based on the surroundings.

SVDS is the market leader in power supplies and services for IT, manufacturing, and telecommunications applications. SVDS assists your organization in configuring the optimum solution for your unique application. We offer customized turn-key solutions that ease project execution and procurement since we have access to various power products and services for both AC and DC applications.

Cost-Effective Power Infrastructure Solutions

Diesel Power Generators

Our Diesel Power Generators can be tuned for optimal noise levels depending on the surroundings. The sound-proofed industrial generating sets provide backup power while also providing user comfort in noise pollution, thanks to rigorous adherence to appropriate noise limits.

Industrial Power Systems

SVDS creates industrial power systems that span various applications and provide several options. Our industrial generators offer backup power or continuous electricity. The solutions we provide ensure electrical supply continuity to counteract any interruption or instability that may impair the main power supply.

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