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Disaster Recovery

Our Solutions

Our Managed Disaster Recovery Services ensure that critical systems are always available.

Due to the importance of organizational data and the inability to recreate it, data loss is becoming less acceptable. Thus, continuous uptime and the availability of mission-critical data are required for corporate success. Weather-related disasters, malware, human error, faulty or insufficient physical infrastructure and hardware, and a variety of other possible downtime sources must be handled in an effective disaster recovery solution for a company’s data center.

SVDS’ Disaster Recovery solution ensures that your organization’s data and application dependencies meet RPOs and RTOs by utilizing continuous backup and replication, configurable infrastructure models, targeted drills, and real-time monitoring.

Reliable and Efficient Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions

  • Option to host production and disaster recovery sites: Multiple data centers separated by 40 kilometers.
  • DR solutions with a tailored design and architecture to meet your precise RTO and RPO requirements
  • Low-cost disaster recovery services based on cloud computing or dedicated physical infrastructure.
  • Dashboards for real-time RTO and RPO levels and replication status.
  • Use a replication and DR management/automation solution to perform DR drills, activate DR failover/failback, and more.
  • Shared/dedicated BC seats include connectivity, a 24/7 Service Desk, phone lines, and other amenities.

Benefits of SVDS Disaster Recovery Solutions

Decreased downtime

In the event of a disaster, our disaster recovery solutions minimize downtime and keep your business running.

Core Business Focus

With our catastrophe recovery services, your team may focus on strategic goals rather than non-core company functions.

Tailored Solutions

We offer tailored solutions depending on your company’s requirements and budget.

Service Quality

Our guaranteed SLAs assure service quality.


With our cutting-edge Data Centre design and backup and recovery services, your company’s critical data and information are safeguarded physically and digitally.

Around-the-clock service

To achieve near-zero downtime, operations and support are managed around the clock.

Better IT Solutions & Service at your Fingertips

We have helped organizations and companies improve business performance and
enhance their competitiveness.