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Managed Services

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We provide 24/7 monitoring and security services to our clients.

Contemporary businesses operate in a highly competitive environment that values operational benefits. Due to the cost advantages and efficient resource usage within operating margins, Managed Services are a very successful IT approach in such a corporate environment. SVDS’s Managed Services enables your company to delegate routine but critical IT tasks, reconciling costs and operational efficiencies.

Our professional managed services allow your company to focus on its core business skills and strengths while we take care of your day-to-day IT operations with complete accountability.

SVDS can provide services tailored to your company model down to the last detail. Our dedicated managed services convert continuing capital expenditures into a tailored subscription model with no operational efficiency or service quality sacrifices. Our fully managed services strategy gives your company more control by delegating repetitive tasks, and managed IT Services should allow you to maintain direct control and supervision.

Best-in-Class Managed Services

Network Services

Our Network Services ensure that all of our client’s data and devices are fully protected, monitored, and accessible. We can assist with Router Management, Firewall Management, Load-Balancer Management, Switch & Port Management, Service Elements, VPN, and Public IP Address Management.

Hardware Services

We offer hardware maintenance and support services that repair and optimize hardware. These services include vendor-agnostic equipment leasing, support, warranty, and hardware installation and configuration.

Storage & Backup Services

We deliver fast, flexible, and centralized data protection across several platforms with our Storage and Backup Services. Managed storage, backup, and archiving, as well as remote backup options, are among them.

Managed Security Services

At SVDS, we make sure that our clients have the most excellent security infrastructure available and reliable monitoring and management services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services examine the client’s present IT infrastructure and recommend the best solutions. We can assist with project execution, configuration, design and architecture, and management.

Monitoring Services

SVDS offers a dynamic and adaptable monitoring system that helps businesses to keep track of their IT performance. Trend analysis, trend reporting, capacity planning, end-user experience management, critical business metric monitoring, service level management, IT asset management, and IT service desk are some of the services available.

Server & Application Management

SVDS offers Server and Application Management Services to guarantee that our clients’ business application requirements are addressed to the fullest extent possible. Our services also increase server and application performance while reducing server and application maintenance time.

Operations and Support Services

With our well-defined and extensive processes, SVDS provides the finest Service Delivery and Support for our clients.

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We have helped organizations and companies improve business performance and
enhance their competitiveness.