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Hosted Private Cloud

Our Solutions

SVDS helps you achieve dynamic scalability, shorter lead times, and increased availability for your cloud computing.

A hosted private cloud is a virtualized data center within a service provider’s data center that is dedicated to a business. It is specially designed to manage the workloads of the enterprise. It combines the public cloud’s efficiency, scalability, and resilience with the dedicated environment’s security, control, and performance.
The SVDS Private Cloud solution provides your business with complete administrative and hands-on control over your cloud computing deployment. Our Private Cloud Hosting Solutions will ensure compliance in the most demanding regulatory environments, satisfying requirements and providing a highly secure network environment. SVDS guarantees that your vDC remains isolated, firewalled, and entirely safe for properly supporting computing, processing, network, and storage.

Seamless Private Cloud Hosting Solutions

Advantages of Hosting your vDC at SVDS Cloud

  • Various billing options
  • Credit-based SLAs
  • Around-the-clock IT assistance
  • 24-hour/365-day Dedicated Hotline
  • Account Managers for Dedicated Service
  • Lower Capital Expenses
  • Shorter lead time and quicker deployment
  • Infrastructure scalability is simple
  • Enhanced security and dependability

Our Services

  • Managed
    SVDS’s Managed Private Cloud is exceptionally secure, offering customers a fully managed vDC environment with processing, storage, and networking.
  • Unmanaged
    You are fully responsible for management and monitoring when you pick unmanaged VPS hosting. Any of the managed services can be added as an optional extra.

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