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Racks And Enclosures

Our Solutions

We offer compact and easy-to-install racks and enclosures for various facilities

Our racks, cabinets, and enclosure solutions provide support and protection for essential IT and facilities by delivering maximum performance, easy deployment, and scalability for all IT systems and data centers.

With the development of digital transformation and business expansion (locally, regionally, and worldwide), SVDS’s solutions adapt to your space and budget requirements, allowing for a simpler design, implementation, administration, and replication.

Racks And Enclosures Sized For Any Environment

Control Room Infrastructure

With the continuous operation of a control room in mind, our broad range of technological solutions provides best-in-class ergonomics and flexibility, modular design, and unrivaled operator efficiency levels.

Racks and Containments

Racking systems and containment solutions from SVDS aid in data center uniformity. We provide bespoke server racks and containments that are flexible, readily deployed, adaptable, and pre-configured, lowering costs and carbon footprints while enhancing your essential infrastructure’s performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Integrated Solutions

Create and maintain powerful edge computing and robust IT infrastructure in remote areas with SVDS’s integrated solutions, including prefabricated racks, rows, aisles, and modular data centers constructed in flexible and adaptive designs.

Outdoor Enclosures

With our Outdoor Enclosure systems, you can manage IT infrastructure in remote places with uncertain access and edge computing power control. They not only safeguard your valuable electronic equipment from vandalism and environmental harm, but they also maintain ideal conditions for best performance.

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