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Monitoring and Management

Our Solutions

We Provide Monitoring and Management Solutions That Help Modernize Your Data Center

Monitoring and Management Solutions from SVDS improve availability, usage, and efficiency. We provide you with the visibility and control required for your organization to efficiently manage any technology.

Our Monitoring and Administration Solutions are constantly evolving to identify and forecast the reasons for downtime to protect your assets from threats and provide enhanced customization and centralized user management.

Customized Monitoring and Management Solutions

Environmental Monitoring System

Our Environment Monitoring systems detect important aspects such as a water leak, temperature, humidity, fire, and electricity. It allows customers to keep track of several devices remotely and in real-time. Our products aid in preventing equipment failure, downtime, financial loss, and reputational damage.


Our software captures all of the data you need to manage your essential infrastructure effectively and provides a real-time, integrated picture of the complete IT facility and its downstream assets.


We help protect your critical facility from dangers ranging from malfunctioning equipment and environmental conditions to cyber invasions. Battery monitoring, leak detection systems, temperature monitoring, sensor-level monitoring for demanding industrial settings, and complicated data center monitoring systems are all part of our monitoring systems.

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