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Battery Monitoring

Our Solutions

SVDS provides predictive battery monitoring and maintenance solutions to maximize your uptime.

Unplanned data center outages provide enterprises with challenging and costly.

SVDS offers battery monitoring solutions for an uninterruptible power supply to help with this.

Batteries are one of the most ‘low-tech’ components in any mission-critical data center, but they are also the most susceptible aspect of a backup power supply (UPS) system. Even a single faulty battery cell can disrupt a data center’s backup plan, especially if enough UPS redundancy is unavailable.

Data centers that used our battery monitoring devices, which we deployed on-site, reported fewer outages. Compared to preventative maintenance, SVDS’s battery monitoring systems enhance the Mean Time Between Failures by more than twice.

Top Features of Our Battery Monitoring Solutions

Predictive Maintenance

Our Maintenance Solution enables you to proactively handle battery-related issues that you could never notice previously by visualizing all vital information and knowing your batteries’ actual state of health at all times.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Our solutions allow longer maintenance intervals by basing maintenance on battery state rather than arbitrarily set schedules. It automates all of the IEEE-recommended battery care and testing processes except for visual examinations.

Enhanced Security

We help detect and mitigate potentially catastrophic circumstances such as thermal runaway. This reduces employee exposure to batteries, which reduces the potential of shock, arch-flash, burn, and chemical hazards. Our service meets the stringent safety criteria of UL 61010-1 for test and measurement equipment.

Increased Availability

We help detect open and shorted batteries and notify you of an impending battery failure. This removes the possibility of human error.

Lower Replacement Costs

SVDS’s solutions allow longer replacement intervals by basing replacement on battery conditions rather than arbitrarily set schedules. We provide documentation to support warranty claims.

Improved Compliance

By offering the capacity to detect and regulate thermal runaways, users may comply with International Fire Code (IFC) 608.3. We provide documentation to verify compliance with regulatory criteria.

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