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Isolation Transformers and Stabilizers

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We provide efficient and reliable transformers for enterprises of all sizes

LV Transformers and Stabilizer
The purpose of a low voltage transformer is to convert alternating current from one voltage level to another (higher or lower) or to the same voltage level without affecting the frequency or power. Primary winding is the winding that is stimulated by an AC supply, whereas secondary winding is the winding from which we get AC output.

Transformers (single-phase, three-phase, and three/single phase) are used in the following fields:

  • Isolation transformers for line separation
  • Non-linear load supply (K-rated transformers)
  • Conversion groups from UPS
  • Galvanic industry and rectifiers
  • Solar
  • Multi-purpose (supply of industrial system in the tertiary sector, power distribution for industrial and retail structures, etc.)

For non-linear loads, the K Transformer is the most popular transformer in Data Centers.
Non-linear loads cause significant amounts of harmonic distortion, and K-rated transformers are isolation transformers particularly built to handle this phenomenon. Computers, variable speed drives, inverters, welders, and other non-linear loads are examples.
Increased current absorption and, as a result, larger losses arise from harmonic production.
The presence of such harmonics must be taken into account in the transformer design in order to ensure that the thermal class temperature limit is respected.
The K factor indicates how much harmonic distortion impacts the system: the greater the K, the more harmonic content the transformer must endure without damage.

Some examples of K factor profiles:

  • K13 – Telecommunication systems
  • K20 – Data center, variable speed drives, data processing systems, PC

Voltage Stabilizers

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We provide our clients with reliable voltage stabilizers

Whether it’s a digital electromechanical voltage stabilizers, static voltage stabilizers, or unique digital voltage stabilizers, they’re all designed to eliminate voltage changes in the supply to meet the demands of the client.

Voltage-sensitive devices have a range of applications in industries like:

  • Food & Beverage: industry, intensive breeding, food processing, packaging, bottling
  • Tertiary & Servicing: banks, hotels & tourist resorts, data centers, laboratories, small businesses, private users.
  • Telecommunications: television and radio stations, as well as telephone networks.
  • Hospitals, government offices, and organizations.
  • Renewable energy sources: solar and wind farms.

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