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Power Distribution System

Our Solutions

We Offer Turnkey Power Distribution System Solutions With Single-Point Responsibility

Dependable power distribution is critical with the rise in rack power density in the data center and at the network edge.

SVDS provides a revolutionary data center power distribution system, which, combined with the rack power distribution units, maintains power and addresses any issues that the IT infrastructure may face.

Our power distribution solutions range from simple power distribution units to monitored and switched rack power distribution units and remote monitoring and management of your assets’ power use to guarantee everything is functioning at peak performance.

Reliable Data Center Power Distribution System Solutions

Data Center Monitoring

Our solution enables data center equipment monitoring for businesses of all sizes, with notification and message features available in all software versions.

IT Infrastructure

By allowing a single model to be implemented anywhere, our solution streamlines crucial IT infrastructure implementation.

Reliable Power Distribution

We provide dependable power distribution for critical IT equipment within a rack or cabinet.

IT Equipment Power

Our power distribution solutions give customers a complete picture of crucial IT equipment power utilization, both in the rack and remotely. Each outlet’s electricity may also be remotely turned on, off, or reset.

Comprehensive View

While delivering dependable power distribution to our clients’ essential IT equipment, our solutions give a complete picture of power utilization, both at the rack and remote.

Outstanding Characteristics

We provide power distribution systems with exceptional characteristics such as simple integration and administration design and high availability and energy economy.

Provides All Required Functions

Our solution performs all of the duties of a rack-based power distribution unit while also ensuring dependable power delivery. It may be linked to a variety of IT equipment and other sensitive electrical loads.

Rack Equipment Responsive

By utilizing hot-swappable modular output power, modular communication, modular environmental sensors, and modular input power, our system is designed to adapt to rack equipment changes and dynamic capabilities.

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