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Our Solutions

We help monitor all mission-critical infrastructure components with our security solutions.

All your mission-critical infrastructure components, including applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, system metrics, and network infrastructure, are all monitored by SVDS.

This enterprise solution gives you a centralized view of your complete IT operations network and business processes, thanks to robust dashboards that provide you instant access to robust monitoring data and third-party data and easy access to the information you need. SVDS being an IT Infrastructure Service Provider, its IT infrastructure monitoring solution also includes automatic, integrated trending and capacity planning graphs, allowing businesses to prepare for infrastructure changes before they’re required.

This system sends out email alerts to IT employees, business stakeholders, and end-users, informing them of outages and allowing them to begin fixing issues right away. SVDS’s IT infrastructure monitoring system will assist your firm in detecting problems quickly to avoid disasters, minimize downtime and economic losses, and boost productivity and performance.

Critical Infrastructure Monitoring Security Solutions

File Integrity Monitoring Security Solutions

File Integrity Monitoring or Change Auditing Solutions is a system that monitors and detects file changes that signal a cyber-attack. It provides insights and valuable data to determine if the changes made to files are beneficial or detrimental.

Network Security Solutions

SVDS’s network solutions are built on network security, and our mission is to assist our customers in attaining enhanced network security.

Data leak prevention Security Solution

Our Data Leak Prevention services are designed to keep sensitive organizational data from being lost. These services assist firms in determining the type of data they own and preventing any data leaks that may occur daily.

Data Protection

Our solutions safeguard the largest and most demanding data center environments by providing virtualized systems with breakthrough services beyond what standard backup services can provide.

Authentication Security Solution

SVDS assists our clients in implementing two-factor and multi-factor authentication systems to help protect their identities.

Managed Security Services

Our services provide enterprises with complete security solutions and specific solutions and services such as anti-malware services, access control, and penetration testing.

Security Information & Event Management

SVDS assists security information and event management systems in eliminating threats. We combine security log data from enterprise security controls, host operating systems, apps, and other software components to achieve this.

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